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Artrax Se3 Front Tire - 80/100-21

  • Duro
    Casing design allows for maximum grip on soft terrainIncreases traction, stability, and braking power on soft to intermediate terrainTube type4-ply, bias construction
    $77.77  from Walmart US
  • Maxxis
    Knob design offers precise steering in a wide variety of soil conditionsSpecially formulated rubber compound keeps knob edges longer, even with concrete pad startsFront tire combines with M7305 rear for best overall performance (sold separately) Tube typeBias-ply
    $105.00  from Walmart US
  • IRC
    Designed for racing on intermediate-to-hard terrainThis tire can take on the most severe conditions with its superior casing construction and tough-tread compoundBuilt extra tough for serious riders and their competitive machinesSuper-strong casing resists punctures and cuts over extremely rough surfacesSpecial rubber compound matches tire with terrain for sure traction and stoppingAggressive tread delivers serious performanceM-rated for speeds up to 81 mphTube typeBias-Ply
    $81.22  from Walmart US
  • Maxxis
    Specially designed compound increases durability in rocky or desert conditions by reducing chipping and cuttingStiffer carcass design minimizes flex, reducing the chance of pinched tubesTall knob design improves tractionTube typeBias-ply
    $105.00  from Walmart US
  • Maxxis
    Don't get stuck in the mud or buried in the sand: Pin it and win it with a pair of Maxxcross SM tires. Computer-enhanced pattern design ensures optimal traction in sand and mudSpecially formulated silica-rubber compound and open-tread pattern provide excellent self-cleaning tire characteristicsAnti-flex knob bridges on shoulder reinforce side knobs for increased tractionTube typeBias-ply
    $112.00  from Walmart US
  • Maxxis
    Race-proven rubber compound delivers excellent traction in soft/intermediate conditionsAnti-flex knob bridges on side lugs offer solid straight-line stability and enhance grip for aggressive corneringDeveloped during Grand National Cross Country seriesTube typeBias-ply
    $118.00  from Walmart US
  • Bridgestone
    Uni-directional Bridgestone motorcycle tire pattern for reliable performance on dry and wet surfaces. Self-cleaning motorcycle tire tread blocks still give a traction edge for muddy and loose terrains.
    $71.88  from Rocky Mountain ATV
  • Shinko Tires
    Shinko 520 Soft-Intermediate Front Tire Features: For soft / intermediate terrain Tread pattern works well in a wide variety of soil conditions Reinforced knobs resists tearing and chunking
    $44.63  from Cycle Gear
  • Michelin Tires
    Michelin StarCross 5 Soft Terrain Tires The Michelin StarCross 5 tires were designed based on feedback from riders of all levels, from amateurs to world champions, often riding in extreme conditions. Compared to its predecessors the Michelin StarCross 5 delivers several significant performance improvements and breaks new ground for Michelin in the world of Off-Road/Motocross tires. The new design incorporates stronger, higher density materials that reduce weight without compromising strength or durability while it provides exceptional shock absorption that reduces rider fatigue.
    $81.27  from Cycle Gear
  • Shinko Tires
    Shinko 504 / 505 Soft to Hard Dirt Tires Designed to work in varying conditions from soft to intermediate to hard terrain. Features: Aggressive tread pattern Economically priced High carbon compound
    $45.04  from Cycle Gear
  • Michelin Tires
    Michelin StarCross MS3 Soft / Intermediate Terrain Tires Features: Outstanding traction on loose dirt Scoop-like knob design, with widely spaced knobs for mud evacuation Reversible, with equal traction in both directions Reinforced knobs resist wear on harder tracks
    $100.03  from Cycle Gear
  • Shinko Tires
    Shinko 524 / 525 Soft-Intermediate Dirt Tires The 524/525 front and rear combo is ideal for soft to intermediate terrain. Features: Reinforced knobs resist tearing and chunking Economically priced High carbon compound
    $48.27  from Cycle Gear
  • Shinko Tires
    Shinko 540 Soft Mud/Sand Dirt Tires The 540 is designed for extremely soft terrain, such as mud and sand and offers superior traction in the worst conditions. Features: For extremely soft terrain (mud/sand) Wide spaced knobs shed mud quickly Tall aggressive tread pattern for increased traction in the nastiest conditions Directional scoop pattern High carbon compound
    $47.06  from Cycle Gear
  • Pirelli
    Tread pattern is designed for all around use on a variety of surfaces This is a tire that will last making it an excellent choice for competitive and weekend riders
    $69.99  from J&P Cycles
  • Bridgestone
    Bridgestone M59 Front Tire The Bridgestone M59 Tires are race-proven off-road tires designed for intermediate to soft terrain. Features: Designed for soft to medium terrain Developed and proven at the highest level of MX competition Optimized profile for greater stability when braking and cornering Larger casing allows more bump absorption
    $93.27  from Cycle Gear
  • Pirelli
    Pirelli Scorpion MX Mid Hard 554 Tires Features: Rear tread pattern advances performance each knob contributing to improve traction and power transmission Tread pattern designed to offer the best performance on mid-hard surfaces Optimal resiliency for consistent performance over time Dedicated compound for outstanding grip in lateral control Knob link (or bridge) layout for tear resistance Tread pattern and compounds proven with the most prestigious competitors in MX World Championship
    $78.75  from Cycle Gear
  • Bridgestone
    Bridgestone BattleCross X40 Hard Terrain Tires The BattleCross X40s revolutionary tread pattern delivers grip and maneuverability when you need it most. Features: Designed for medium to hard terrain Developed and proven at the highest level of MX competition Optimized profile for greater stability when braking and cornering
    $73.27  from Cycle Gear
  • Pirelli
    Pirelli Scorpion MX Extra X Intermediate Terrain Tires The Pirelli Scorpion MX Tires are the optimal choice for professional training and amateur to semi-Pro racers who ride all types of terrain and demand performance lap after lap especially under race simulation. Features: Grip and traction on a wide range of terrain (from mid soft to mid hard) Perfect application for training optimal compromise between performance and durability Tread pattern taken from previous design with the rears layout rigidity improved through bridges and a new front similar to the Scorpion MX Soft 410 Multi-ply carcass with high resistance to punctures but maximum flexibility to absorb forces during jumps or obstacles Training performance in all terrain conditions with uniform knob wear, resistance to deformation while damping and thus an extended durability
    $78.66  from Cycle Gear
  • Pirelli
    Pirelli Scorpion MXS 410 Soft Terrain / Sand Tires Features: Designed for competition in muddy and sandy conditions Super-soft terrain MX tire Paddle-shaped rear tread design Special HP (High-modulus Polyester) carcass for consistent performance even in the toughest terrain Front tire is DOT approved Tube Type (TT)
    $81.10  from Cycle Gear
  • Maxxis Wheel
    Maxxis Maxxcross Desert IT M7304D / M7305D Tires Desert riders will rejoice in the long-lasting, high performance Maxxcross Desert IT. Features: Specially designed compound increases durability in rocky or desert conditions by reducing chipping and cutting Tall knob design improves traction when racing in sandy conditions Stiffer carcass design minimizes flex, reducing the chance of pinched tubes
    $77.99  from Cycle Gear
  • Metzeler
    Metzeler MC 5 Intermediate Terrain Tires Features: Tread design uses small knobs that are able to penetrate harder soil, combined with paddle-type knob position for good traction on loose soil Reinforced shoulder knobs give excellent grip under full lean Soft center area of tire provides good damping properties and feedback Rear tire uses solid center knobs in a row and intersected knobs in shoulder area for good traction on loose soil or sand Reinforced shoulder knobs allow controllable slides
    $92.84  from Cycle Gear
  • Metzeler
    Metzeler MC 4 Soft Terrain Tires Features: Designed to excel in soft to medium-hard conditions with a stable carcass and self-cleaning knob design Aggressive center knob pattern delivers excellent straight-line traction and braking Low weight/high-strength carcass for stability, bump absorption and puncture resistance Offset side knobs for increased cornering traction
    $73.24  from Cycle Gear
  • Metzeler
    Metzeler MC 6 Hard Terrain Tires Features: Tire utilizes intersected knobs that provide grip for hard braking Widely spaced knobs can gear with track surface limiting tire slippage Uniform knob distribution provides light handling and good feedback V-shaped knob orientation provides straight-line stability and helps tire resist following longitudinal grooves Intersecting knobs in mid-shoulder area provide extra traction on smooth, hard surfaces Twin shoulder knobs provide constant grip and good control
    $83.04  from Cycle Gear
  • Bridgestone
    Bridgestone M101 / M102 Tires The Bridgestone M101 and M102 Tires are designed specifically for deep, bottomless sand and mud. Features: Front and rear combination for deep sand and bottomless mud Rear tire features a paddle like pattern for traction in extra soft conditions Front tire spike pattern to hold in extra soft conditions Tube Type
    $85.71  from Cycle Gear
  • Dunlop
    Dunlop Geomax MX11 Sand / Mud Tire The Geomax MX11 further extends Dunlops range of Motocross tires. Offering technology that helps give you increased grip in soft sand and muddy conditions while delivering superior stability. Features: Fits 250cc/450cc 4-strokes and 250cc-and-up 2-strokes Specifically designed for sand and mud use Narrow-profile block faces help chisel through and penetrate the sand surface for increased traction and great feel for smoother handling Geomax stabilizer cross-shaped tread block design helps provide enhanced straight-line traction at speed and during braking, while also assisting lateral stability and braking in corners Recessed flex joints between the tread blocks give the tire improved compliance for enhanced traction and ride comfort as well as lighter weight Circumferential channels in the tread help enhance stability
    $82.01  from Cycle Gear