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Why Cyclists Shave

Why cyclists are so carefull about shaving their legs? A legitimate question that we can give in response, several reasons:

Massage is especially important in the care cycle sport. It is practiced regularly to relax muscles, to prepare them for the effort or to recover.
The hairs, in this care, are a real inconvenience: They shoot, get tangled, make knots … In addition, they often cause skin irritation. It is also noted that the bristles reduce the effectiveness of massage product which tends to soak them rather than penetrate the skin.

The falls
Cycling is a relatively dangerous sport. The drops, often benign consequences are common. Hematomas, abrasions or burns are common. Here shaving allows easier and less painful application of care. Ditto for the withdrawal of any bandages.

Everyone knows that the wind is a formidable opponent for the cyclist. Her hair would rise, it appears, its coefficient of air penetration and hence would slow. But this phenomenon, if found in swimmers, is more debatable among cyclists.

It is often assumed – in all cases by the female – that well-muscled and tanned legs are more beautiful without their hair.

How to shave?

Electric, manual, 1,2,3 blades, shaving is the most practical. For those who choose the manual razor, another dilemma arises: should we shave dry? If this is the simplest solution, it is also one that most favors cuts. Remains shaving foam or shaving underwater.

Depilatory creams
Today, depilatory creams are more efficient and less painful. They leave the skin soft and pleasant to the touch. However, a small problem must be: if these creams work well with fine hair, they are however much less effective with thick hair. In addition, they may cause irritation in people with sensitive skin.

The electric epilator
Many small depilatory devices are on the market. Unfortunately, if these devices are mostly very effective, some require multiple passes. And then another problem arises: some people have very deep-rooted hairs. The result: a rather unbearable pain during epilation … But the advantage is a long-term hair removal over shaving or a cream.

The Beauty Shop (or wax at home)

As electric epilator, it has the advantage of a long-term hair removal, and … the disadvantage of a painful hair removal. However, if the pain again depends on the rooting of the hair, it also depends on the beautician. You will see if you try: even if you have very bad, howl less if the beautician matches your type of woman …

Finally, if you have courage, try the tweezers. It provides much less pain as we pluck hair by hair. However, the small problem is time. Indeed, for a Sunday race, you better start waxing the previous Monday, hoping that, once arrived at the end of the two legs, the first plucked hairs have not started to grow back!

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