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Repair a Flat Tire

1.Remove the tire and inner tube:
First inspect your wheel to locate the possible stone or piece of glass behind the puncture.
Remove the brake cable.
Then Take your wheel using the lever. Normally it falls without difficulty.
Ask your wheel on a table or on the floor. Using a tire iron, spread the tire over the rim and “peel it off.”
Remove a second time in the air chamber, starting with the point where the valve is located. Pull each side until completely out of the tire.
If you did not spot the foreign body responsible for the puncture in stage A, repeat the same operation once the tube exit.
2.Locate the hole:
Two solutions are available to you when you puncture. If you take in your backpack a spare inner tube, you can replace one that is defective immediately. Then consider the swell just before being introduced into the tire to prevent it makes nodes.
If this is not the case, he’ll have to find the hole and stick a patch to make the air chamber is operational again.
The old method to identify the location of the puncture was to plunge the tube in a basin. Not easy when you’re in the middle of the ride! So we will prefer inflate the hose with a pump, then move his finger to locate the place from which the air escapes.
Once you’ve found the hole, make a cross in the pen on the inner tube. This marking will help find the gap easily.
The next step is to rub the tube with sandpaper. This will allow the glue to adhere better. You can blast to evacuate the small debris left by the friction.
Then apply the adhesive in the shape of circles around the hole. Depending on the product, it will have to wait between 1 and 5 minutes for it to act. Note: this is not really the glue but rather a product that melts the tube. Hence the necessary waiting time.
Be careful when handling the patch not to put your fingers on the sticky part. Lay the patch over the glue and press strongly.
3.Replace the wheel:
Once the patch glued to the tube, you just have to put it in place, and the tire. In all, repairing a flat tire takes between 15 and 30 minutes depending on whether you are a beginner or initiated. Remember to slightly inflate the tube before replacing.
Re-insert the inner tube between the rim and the tire. Always start by properly reposition the valve.
Then replace the tire with the help of a tire if necessary.
It’ll just attach the wheel to the frame of the bicycle .

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