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How to dress for cycling?

The shorts are imperative. We still see cyclists pedaling often wearing little shorts adapted. The choice of comfort is paramount. All too often, we hear practitioners accuse the saddle pain that a better choice would have avoided shorts. You should try cycling shorts. Sizes, like in all the garment industry, varying from one manufacturer to another, you should ensure that end too tight straps are not going to lacerate shoulders.
There are also minimalist shorts, strapless. This works well for occasional practitioners, the use recreation. But as soon as the distance lengthens and the practice becomes a little bit sporty and regular, buying a complete cycling shorts is required.
Remember also that with shorts, you don’t wear underwear. Not only a chamois (which is no longer manufactured using the skins of those poor beasts long) fulfills this role with a different density within the desired comforts and planned distances, but add a slip or boxer shorts at risk creating injury by friction.
The shorts are available in versions for long legs and short winter for summer. To choose between long and short, it only covers short above 20 degrees, between 10 and 20 it is a personal matter of sensitivity and that below 10 carries everything along .

When the first autumn days appear, the cyclist begins to add layers. But careful not to superimpose anything, a cotton T-shirt or even wool as was formerly practiced, especially will retain moisture on the body and further cool the body. A layer of addition is well conceived: a first layer breathing, like a mesh vest on the skin, is perfect. Then added a jersey, long or short, depending on temperatures and its own sensitivity. Third, one wearing a jacket may contain materials like Windstopper membrane, which will stop the cold especially brought by the winds. There are different types of jackets to ride in any weather: on the roads of Ile cycling workouts for example, can be seen when the gel is not of the party, strenuous workout by 10, thanks the gore-tex. Finally, it can be added for precipitation, rain product, lightweight and breathability which will be an essential criterion.

We often hear there are more seasons. At around 10 degrees, half season, sometimes just pedaling half an hour is freezing since the weather conditions are changing rapidly. The solution cuffs and leggings is to consider: easy to apply, they are removable and can -even on some leggings models – withdraw wheelchair.

While the helmet is mandatory in competition and recommended in all other cases. But sometimes it is worthwhile to decorate the hat. To better isolate the cold and rain, winter will not be disappointed rider to use a neoprene under-helmet. Insulating summer caps are not a luxury in the summer roads blazing sun.

It is often forgotten, but the rider uses his hands in his movement. There are obviously for the winter the same categories of protective textiles adapted to different temperatures. Sub silk gloves can also be equipped for cold weather . Caution also where not to stack the layers that might impede movement and blood flow. We do not forget the summer mittens: first rubbing of the skin against the handle at the mercy of movements can cause burns and blisters. And then it is not worth repeating: in case of fall, a cyclist often instinctively put his hand first floor. The glove thus serves as primary protection against burns and scratches that may be caused.

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