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How to choose your bike

Should we opt for a mountain bike, a hybrid bike or a road bike? What are their characteristics? How to position correctly on the “mount”? To make the right choice, read the advice from a cycles dealer.
Mountain bike and cycling road or city: to choose what type of frame? Choosing a bike should be guided primarily by the use you do with it. Are you planning to do great hiking over rough terrain or rather ride into town?

Mountain biking: for sports hikes
If you’re more of the fighter genre and you want to go difficult roads , take a mountain bike. It is a reliable and durable bike that can run on any terrain, even the roughest mountains, trails, forest tracks. With its ​​big tires, puncture risks are limited. Several versions are available: Version ride, hiking, cross-country and even competition. There are also different models for men and women.

For roads and paths
If you will take both paths and roads, adopt a hybrid bike (bike path). This is a good compromise. Those who travel short distances may choose a hybrid bike ride.

The road bike
If you love sports rides on asphalt, take a road bike . It is this type of “frames” that professional cycling. It is characterized by narrow wheels, a bent handlebar and the presence of footrests. The road bike combines lightness and low friction on the ground. It is used for training, sports trips and competition. There are several types, which correspond generally to your level.

The city bike
Do you want to take your bike to get to work or to go shopping in downtown? Adopt a bike so-called “city”. It should be comfortable, easy to ride and especially well equipped.

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