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Bike Travelling Tips

We are all traveling from time to time. For Those Who are traveling to race or being away from home, there are a lot of things to think about and Consider When You Leave. The comfort of home is hard to carry with you, but here’s a pair of tricks to help you travel with ease!

1- Do hesitate to bring hot sutff That You really want gold Need That makes you feel good (Small guitar / coffee machines / books / teamaker + Tea). A solid aluminum French Press is an easy option for coffee or tea.

2- Find wrinkles using Google map for bikes, or Strava or Garmin Connect BEFORE getting there. It’s hard to-have a better Internet connection than the one at home;). Especially in Europe.

3- Use Yelp , Zomato gold Tripadvisor for restaurants.

4- Travel with a spoon / fork / knife , a Swiss knife and a collapsible bowl . A Tupperware, a pair of ziploc bags. Salt / Pepper / Cinnamon and Maple syrup Can Make Any shitty food taste wonderful. A bigger, better knife is always a cool thing to-have if you like to cook and one plane cooking During your travels. Personally I like thesis knifes.

5- Always bring running shoes / elastic bands / mini bands / and basic riding gear in your carry on.

6. Travel with a headlamp. You never know When You are going to need it.

7. Travel with a mobile alarm clock, That Way you do not-have to sleep next to your phone

8- Overnight Oatmeal is a great breakfast snack or carry on.

9 – Make sure you hydrate before Properly, During and partner after the flight.

10- If it’s possible move before and after-the flight to activate circulation and recovery. (Yoga / Walk / Dynamic Stretch, light jogging, moderate spin, etc.)

11- Bring laundry soap pods. Sometimes it’s hard to find soap That will “smell like home”. Again, Especially in Europe.

12. Bring a reusable mug. You can always get hot water in the hotel rooms + Hotel room lobby.

13 -Bring Earplugs and Registration has to HeadSpac e to help you relax.

14- Co2 Cartridges Easily can fly. If you put ’em in your pharmacy bag. Not in your bike bag. Thank me later.

15. Always carry Clif Bars, Bring oatmeal, Protein Powder and Protein Bars as well, in case you get sick. Always bring minimum pill / pharmacy gear. Should include Advils / Imodium / plasters / tiny bottle of peroxide, Neosporin, etc.

16- Castile Soap will work to clean clothes, body, dishes, bottles, etc. It’s a great friend When You travel.

17- If you-have room, or travel by car, you can travel with a hot plate and a rice cooker. It’s impressive all the meals you can cook with Those Two items in a hotel room.

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