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Adjusting and changing brakes pads

Here the material necessary to adjust the brakes or install new pads if the old ones are damaged. A screwdriver, skates, a key 10.
How do we know when the brakes are out of adjustment? After a fall, for example … Or more simply, when you press the brake lever and that we see that the two jaws of the brake, lower, does not operate at the same time.
Here is what the “jaws” of the brakes …
To adjust the brakes, there are two screws on each side of the jaws. The “game” will be to find the right balance in these two screw bolts.
Consider that your setting is good when both jaws slowing at the same time that the two are in action.

Be careful when handling the pads, they have meaning. So be sure to bring the front of the shoe in the front, and vice versa …
Another tip: never change a single shoe but both.
First remove the brake cable of the jaw to prevent excessive voltage during operation.
Loosen the screw of the shoe with a multi-tool or a screwdriver. Remove the old pad by loosening the different elements. Be careful during this operation not to drop washers ground.
Then place the new pad. Same maneuver but the other way!
Lightly tighten the screw of the shoe with a multi-tools. It will then have to make sure that the shoe is placed on the rim. To avoid undue friction, it must be well parallel to the rim. Once you have found the right position, you can tighten the screw more strongly.
Finally Replace the brake cable in the jaw and set them correctly.

Changing the break cable
The brake cable is changed when it is frayed, or every year on average if you use your bike daily.
First remove the cable from the jaw brakes.
Remove the small end scrap to protect the cable end with pliers.
Loosen the screw in the jaw so that the cable can be released.
Then remove the other elements, like the sheath, which protect the brake cable.
Now that the cable is completely “naked”, do it out by sliding the bicycle brake handle.
To prevent the brakes are too hard after the change, you can grease the cable before placing it.
Start by placing the new cable through the small hook located under the brake handle.
Then slide the cable into the element included in the shot. “Wedge it” by rotating the metal member, which comprises “teeth”.
Replace the casing and other components that protect the cable (in the right order!) Be careful not to fray the cable during this operation.
Replace the brake cable in the jaws.
Finally, here is the most delicate phase. Tighten the jaws with one hand. With the other, pull the strongest possible cable. Then tighten the screw with a key 10.
You will then adjust the brakes ( see video ) and then put a tip on the end of the cable to prevent wear.

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