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Youth travel more than 2200 kilometers

There are more than 165 participants taking part in the fourth edition of the Grand Traverse (LGT) of Canada by bike, from May 18 to June 18 Cyclists from all over the country will complete a relay of over 2 200 km that will lead them to Vancouver for the big arrival on 18 June.
On May 20, the first group of young high school who took part in this activity stopped at the Cape Youth of St. Jerome School. They went Oka and they put 1h30 less than expected to make this trip.

The objective of the cycling relay is to inspire tomorrow’s athletes, but also to convey to the general public the importance of adopting a healthy and active lifestyle while having fun. Through perseverance and values ​​of transcendence, LGT wants to teach young people that high-level sport is not just for the elite, but is available for anyone willing to make the necessary efforts. “Young people have to follow a training program throughout the school year with the help of coaches from each participating school,” said Jean-Luc Brassard who considers learn a lot of young people throughout the course.

“We see young people take charge, who do not know. They are taught to pedaling peloton and an improvement is observed in only three days. They know how to measure their strengths and discuss them. But what impressed me most this year is to see the amount of girls who took up the challenge. Over 50% of the group consists of girls. We need girls move! “Said Mr. Brassard, Olympic gold medalist, head of mission at the Rio Olympics and now in its fourth participation as qu’encadreur and spokesman. “I’m still proud to be part of this cycling relay that shows young people that it is possible to accomplish big projects by putting the necessary energy and perseverance, while promoting teamwork,” he added.

Did you know that?

The Great Crossing is a unique cycling relay in Canada since 2013, visited 55 cities and given many lectures to more than 13 000 pupils, affecting hundreds of families. More than 450 students from all provinces cycled together, positioning themselves as leaders in their community and within the LGT challenge.

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