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Quebec will protect cyclists more

Motorists should pay more attention to cyclists around them this summer. Transport Minister Jacques Daoust said on Friday it would raise the fines in cases of emportiérages and would impose a security corridor one meter between a motorist and a cyclist in town.

“There are two emergencies and we will solve them,” said Minister Daoust sidelines of a speech at the annual conference of the Association of Quebec Trucking in Quebec City.

At the start of the high season for cyclists, the minister has decided to include a “butterfly” in his bill on the taxi industry, ie two amendments concerning cyclists. It expects to file the bill before May 12 for adoption before the end of this legislative session.

The Code of Road Safety is currently undergoing a complete overhaul, but the minister said that “it does not have time” to have it adopted before the summer. Other measures for cyclists could therefore be added in the redesign that will return to the work table in the fall.

The minister believes that too many cyclists in Quebec are brushing by motorists when overtaking. “We must stop these rustlings this, which are so dangerous.” He therefore asked motorists to obey a safety one meter corridor when passing cyclists. For now, the rule will apply only city where the rustling are more numerous. A different regulations could apply later on the routes and ranks.

Mr. Daoust also wants to end the emportiérages or the spillage of a cyclist by a motorist who opens the door of his parked vehicle. “It’s terrible. A emportiérage, you can kill someone with this. Must react quickly, “he says.

At present, a motorist guilty of emportiérage escaped with a fine of $ 30. The Minister said he wanted to increase the amount significantly, but it did not advance on a number.

He would also establish the rule that a door has to be opened with the arm that is its opposite, which makes sure that the driver turns and automatically see what happens behind. “It will motivate many people to use this way there to do that is ultimately not complicated, but ensures that you hurt or you kill anyone.”

In his reflection, the minister hides not have been sensitive to public calls the father of Mathilde Blais, this cyclist killed in Saint-Denis in Montreal tunnel there two years, and the cyclist Louis Garneau, he considers a “alert lifter” in the field.

Awareness campaigns should quickly follow the changes in the law.

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