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Eurobike 2015 Trends

If Eurobike anticipates trends for the coming years, the bikes with pedal assistance are likely to gain market share more and more consistent. A prediction that seems to be confirmed also by the data of the European market, grew by 2.3% in 2014, year in which E-bikes have made a jump of more than 25 percentage points. To be convinced of the massive advent of “shock” between the pedals are responsible for many of the manufacturers of cycles, the first of Marc Faude. The manager of Derby Cycle, the company that controls brands such as Focus, Kalhkoff and Raleigh, said without hesitation: “In ten years there will be more mountain biking centers without electric motor.” Risky prediction that has taken on a semblance of reality on the shores of Lake Constance, increasingly populated by e-bike.
One area became well field challenge of technological change by proposing innovative frames in carbon and titanium, more efficient transmissions and electrical kits more sophisticated, like the new Panasonic with central engine and system of internal gears that “simulates” a double crankset .
The mountain biking expeditions carbon
Queen of Friedrichshafen was the Specialized FSR Turbo Levo , awarded the Gold Award.
But to impress were many contenders, such as Haibike presented itself to the German show a revised range includes the Xduro third generation with the new drive Bosch Performance Cx with 75 Nm of torque and Sduro system with Yamaha.
A proposal for more than 30 models of which we mention the Sduro HardFour RX and Xduro FullSeven Carbon Ultimate.
The first is an e-bike 24 “designed for children but with a budget that will satisfy the most demanding lovers of off-raod adults, such as hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano 9-speed. The second is a model full suspension (120 mm front, 190 rear) with carbon frame of just 2.79 kg capable of containing the total mass of 17.2 kg. Eccelsa the equipment with Magura hydraulic brakes, transmission XTR Shimano Di2 and display Nyon equipped with GPS and fitness trainer which bumps the price up to the threshold of 15,000 euro.
Carbon is also the Tororider TR C 200, MTB with double cushioning of 18.9 kg with a new central engine of the Fendt tractor manufacturer landed in the cycle with a unit of 250 W and 84 Nm in combination with a double crown and front 418 Wh battery that can range up to 140 km.

Despite the advent of many fierce contenders, the Bosch continues to be the most popular among the bike, especially in the new configuration Performance CX combined with batteries from 400 to 500 Wh. To rely on the kit of German giant are several manufacturers, such as KTM arrived in Germany with several new features among which the Macina Kapoho with wheels 27,5+, ie with wide tires 3 “, the new measure of the tendency offroad after ‘age of 29 “. To make it desirable aluminum frame with suspension 125 mm front and 130 mm rear and the choice of transmissions Shimano or SRAM.

The Cube uses the unit Bosch for the new top of the range, the Stereo Hybrid HPA 160 is available in three configurations with the Action Team equipped with wheels 27.5 “, SRAM 11-speed transmission, brakes Magura, fork and 160 mm rear shock. Upgrading the system Cx for the trio full suspension of Ghost, the Teru 5, 7 and 9. It is mtb with weights of just over 20 kg, 29 “wheels, Shimano XT 11-speed (Deore SL 10 marches 5) and cushioning of 130 and 120 mm.

We conclude with Lapierre, at Eurobike with seven new models headed by the Overvolt FS 900 with wheels 27.5 “, change SRAM XX1 11-speed double cushioning OST + with long hike.
Models with kit “alternative”
If the motorized models Bosch are the majority, the kit manufacturers rivals are seducing more and more manufacturers. The Bulls were among the first to rely on Brose and continues in the choice with the E-Stream Ages exhibited at Eurobike. It is a “front” (but is planned well as the “full”) with a motor of 90 Nm and batteries to be 650 Wh perfectly integrated in the frame, a factor which also permits the application of the bottle cage to the down tube.

In addition to the “bounty” by 27.5 and 29 “provided, among the attractions we mention the double crankset leading to 22 gears available and the display mounted on the handlebars on the side to leave the space station in smartphone or browser, with a rechargeable connector on the display. Another brand that has historically opted for the kit is the Brose Rotwild who presented the R.X + FS Ages 27,5+ with wheels, rear suspension 145 mm and batteries integrated into the aluminum frame of 518 Wh.

Another rival Bosch is credited with Continental Conti eBike System chosen, among others, the Rose Bike to electrify the Elec Tec, a prototype of the “front” of 120 mm and circles 27.5 “. Like the two previous models, the components are “hidden” in the chassis and provide interesting performances thanks to 90 Nm of torque, the 612 Wh battery capacity and weight of the kit limited to 3.4 kg. More common is the Yamaha system, entered by many manufacturers in the list as an alternative to Bosch.

Among the many models with the Japanese mention the Giant with Dirt-E + 1 Ltd., although the motor is signed Giant SyncDrive optimized for performance because the cycles of the Taiwanese brand, and coupled with batteries 500 Wh. It is a “front” with fork air with remote control 100 mm wheels 27.5 “, hydraulic disc brakes and gearbox 20 reports Shimano Deore XT.
Worth mentioning the Lombard with the fat E-Ivrea and version 27.5 “+ of Sestriere as well as two brands as Wheeler and Benelli.

The Taiwan company Wheeler exposed the e-Eagle with 29 “wheels and rear wheel drive entrusted to BionX motor optimized for rides on dirt roads and mountain paths. Batteries, integrated into the frame, are from 555 Wh and guarantee c irca distances of 100 km. Responsible for the design and the equipment comprising, inter alia, the disc brakes in the hydraulic circuit of Magura and Shimano with “triple” front for a total of 30 speeds.
Three new off-road Benelli, including the evolution Alpan TS-engined dell’Alpan 2,015. The others are the “front” Marigold and the “full” Acestes, both with wheels 27.5 “, change Deore 10 gears and hydraulic disc brakes. Noteworthy for its Acestes the use of kit-engine Bafang with 6 levels of assistance, from 396 Wh batteries and range up to 100 km.
rand new point of Pesaro city bike Adorea, Clelia and Mio and, above all, the Touring Navigator.
The Navigator is touring u catered bike touring with lots of front and rear grill available in the variants “300” and “500”, with the latter equipped with Shimano Steps mid-engine and batteries for distances up to 418 Wh 120 km.
And the Snows manufacturer specializing in titanium cycles that exposed the Eurobike And you. A sporty classic lines and low weight of 16.8 kg including the kit Bosch Performance with batteries 400 Wh.

In addition to the mountain, along the banks of Lake Constance have seen many interesting news of the other funds. Between these two Flyer, the Pluto and the TX Series.
The first is the version of the compact folding Flogo which keeps the tires from 20 “and the central motor combined with Panasonic batteries 432, 540 or 648 Wh.
The second, an Award winning, is a trekking with twin shocks, wheels 28 “, traditional gear or the hub system and Bosche Performance with 400 or 500 Wh.
Golden prize for Coboc Seven Vesterbro, especially about the weight (15.4 kg), for the advanced management app for smartphones and for the chassis that integrates kits and lights.
Another e-bikes that seduced the jury is BlueLabel C harger GX Rohloff kit Bosch, refined cycle (the seat is Brooks) and versatile thanks to the double rack, to tread all terrain from 27.5 “and the internal gear Rohloff in 14 speed.
The same manufacturer, but with brand Riese & Müller, we report the Culture Automatic, town with unusual lines with wheels 26 “, double cushioning and the NuVinci gear hub. We conclude with another bike and an Award winning, the Swedish Wallerang M.01 kit Shimano Steps. A model citizen termed “modular” for the ease with which it can apply and remove useful accessories for urban rides, such as the front and rear grill.

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