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We speak of a new type of quick release that has the possibility to oscillate, following the natural position that our leg tends to keep. The project is in Kickstarter.com with the slogan “the clipless pedal reinvented”.

The pedals must adapt to our body, not the other. This is the philosophy that inspires 3AX, a new way of thinking about the quick release pedals. In cycling, the 96% of people tend to turn your feet inward or outward while the quick release allows (depending on type) only a partial lateral play, clutching his foot and preventing their inclination towards ‘external or inward. Sometimes, the natural tendency in this movement creates microtrauma to the metacarpal, locked in its position.

What is changed?
The Dutch-3AX Edco unveil the first quick release pedals that gives the foot the freedom to tilt sideways. It allows the legs to follow a more natural flow flowing in each race, at each point. “The knee is moving sideways and less stress is lower, with final improvements on efficiency”, provide designers. For example, if our feet have a tendency to lean to one side (and traditional pedals limit this movement), legs compensate by pushing your knees to the left or right, with a waste of energy that does not contribute to the transfer of full power.

Development work
The design took advantage of the cooperation of the Dutch Tsg Group and hundreds of cyclists, amateurs and professionals, who have allowed us to make improvements to the various prototypes, gradually higher performance, with their feedback and suggestions. This was followed by tests of efficiency and validity: Make the effort needed to produce the same amount of power. From the results obtained, cyclists using the new pedals 3AX save an average of 3% oxygen, than conventional models.

A more uniform stress distribution on the sole of the foot
The Hague University of Applied Sciences has subsequently conducted a study on the alignment of the legs while pedaling, placing markers on the knee, on the pedal axle and thrown to the ground from the same knee. Everything was filmed dynamically with a camera and then analyzed with dedicated software. The results incline also for a more uniform distribution of stress on the sole of the foot, thanks to pressure sensors placed on the pedal itself.
Available in red, black and gray, has the spindles in hardened steel and the casing in high-strength aluminum. Compatibility is assured with all cycling shoes with three-hole mounting.

Nashbar Izoard Replacement Road Bike Pedal Cleats. The Nashbar Izoard Replacement Road Bike Pedal Cleats are the replacement cleats for the Nashbar Izoard style pedals.
Brand: NashbarMerchant: Nashbar
The Shimano PD-R540 Clipless Pedal. Same design as the Dura-Ace technology. Wide platform for better stress distribution,
Brand: ShimanoMerchant: Paragon
The Exustar E-PR43M Magnesium Road Bike Pedals feature a durable machined magnesium construction with a gold-colored titan...
Brand: ExustarMerchant: Dazadi
Look KeO 2 MAX Road Bike Pedals
Brand: LookMerchant: Sun & Ski
Look KEO Classic Road Bike Pedal
Brand: LookMerchant: Sun & Ski

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