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Choosing Bike Helmet

Because a helmet can save lives, it should be well informed before choosing a bike for his sprees. Here are some valuable tips before purchasing and proper use.

The most important criteria when buying a helmet is the size of the model. To maximize the protection allowed by the plastics of the helmet (polystyrene mold inside, PVC outside), it must be neither too large nor too small. This size depends on the headband, a given which is measured using a measuring tape. Beware of placing the tape about 2 cm above the eyebrows to the forehead, and the more convex level on the back of the skull, to get the most accurate measurement. There are several sizes which vary by brands and retailers. So always try different store models.

Make sure that the model allows good aeration, its strap is comfortable and it is light. Similarly, according to the proposed activity (VTT, VTC, etc.), the shape and characteristics of the helmet evolve. With a visor to protect the face, a helmet ATV is thus more robust and more airy than a road helmet. Most models are specially designed for the practice of a discipline, information specified in store. Finally, all helmets must have the “CE” for Conformité Européenne, which ensures compliance with established standards for the marketing of a model.

The average price of a helmet is between 20 and 100 euros for a conventional model. Expect more than 200 euros for the most sophisticated models.

Improper adjustment of the strap and a bad position of the helmet on the head make it unnecessary harbor. So make sure it is positioned horizontally to prevent it from sliding accident. Similarly, the strap must be secured to ensure the stability of the helmet without compressing head A tip: good attachment forms a V whose angle is just below the ear. it surrounds the neck without restricting the jugular. For ease, prefer headphones with an adjustment knob for safety and comfort.

The lifespan of a helmet does not exceed five years. The slightest accident diminishes its protective capacity. Should therefore be replaced after a fall, even trivial.

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