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Vittoria Corsa

The brand Victoria evolves its famous covers in cotton to a new level of performance: Corespun casing reinforced with Kevlar. The result? Vittoria Corsa is more durable and puncture resistant. The tread has four compounds for better speed, grip, puncture resistance and durability. The innovations of the new racing series? …

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Choosing SMP Saddles

Choosing a bike saddle with SMP, is carried out using a table that lists the stool models according to the cyclist clothing size. SMP base width of the stool on the pelvic width and the distance between the ischial tuberosity. Different pads are also available. This dossier addresses a method …

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Road Bike Pedals

We speak of a new type of quick release that has the possibility to oscillate, following the natural position that our leg tends to keep. The project is in Kickstarter.com with the slogan “the clipless pedal reinvented”. The pedals must adapt to our body, not the other. This is the …

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Mavic Ksyrium Elite 2015

Ksyrium Elite 2015 is completely renovated, light and with a wider circle for better ride quality. Also available in blue and in red. Those who appreciate the quality and beauty of a wheel you certainly know, the French and their series of Mavic Ksyrium, which for over a decade is …

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