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Choosing SMP Saddles

Choosing a bike saddle with SMP, is carried out using a table that lists the stool models according to the cyclist clothing size. SMP base width of the stool on the pelvic width and the distance between the ischial tuberosity. Different pads are also available.
This dossier addresses a method of choice linked to Italian manufacturer SMP. Indeed, evaluations modes differ depending on the brand that even if we find some similarities, do not take into account the same measures or assessments of the cyclist to move towards a proper bike saddle choice.

How to choose your road bike saddle?
The SMP saddle model is based on the course of the channel or the perineum is the cyclist. At SMP cyclist must rest on his ischial tuberosity and the upper part of the ischium. The medical approach is interesting and meaningful research process is performed by the Italians engineers.

Different shapes and fillings
With SMP, you can find 15 different shapes and padding bicycle saddles. The basic principle of stool SMP is to prevent the perineum is in contact with the saddle. Thus relieved, this sensitive part of the anatomy does not cause more injuries. It is then only the ischia which are in contact with the saddle.
The Italian brand offers a multitude of shapes and widths to suit all body types and needs. Finally, within the range of the form is always dug and requires a special adjusting horizontality of the saddle, often specific to each cyclist.

The design of the SMP bicycle saddles
Bike SMP
The shape of the SMP saddles are unique to different patents, approach the presentation in detail:
The Central Canal avoid compression of perineal areas, preventing any risk of venous occlusion, arterial and capillary vessels. It also avoids the appearance of nerve damage. It also promotes the aeration of private parts.
The eagle beak tip prevents the crushing of the urogenital area, even at extremely low positions on the handlebars, and provides optimal support plan during the classic thrust pedaling.
The rear depression protects tailbone bruises and repercussions caused by rough terrain.
The frame length provides a greater range of adjustment.
Cyclist sits is on the ischial tuberosities and the upper part of the ischium.

The various SMP saddle models
With SMP, the cyclist will find different models of saddles that have a different width and padding to support the ischial tuberosity of the cyclist (we will lower it). Beware that a model is not available in different width and different upholstery. The model is unique in its breadth and its padding.
Similarly, there is no hardware tool for measuring the width between the ischial tuberosity. The only tool available in stores is the SMP4TestCenter (which is limited to test different models). The widths of saddles available vary from 124 to 159mm.

The various ranges saddle SMP
SMP saddles models exist in different ranges identified by the use of shell materials thus defining the filling:
Carbon Fiber: The Carbon range that sees a very rigid base for the cyclist. It is the range of very slight bicycle saddles.
Covered without upholstery: leather cover, the seat shell of nylon, reinforced elastomer and carbon fiber. It is a rigid foundation. Example composit saddle.
Padded Leather Flooring and microfiber shell of the seat nylon reinforced elastomer and carbon fiber. This range of stool is seen equipped with a foamed elastomer which adapts to the physical characteristics of the cyclist. This is the most comprehensive range in number of models. Example saddle Drakon.
Junior: stool range with or without padding for young cyclists from 8 to 14 years. The seat shell is made of polypropylene copolymer. The padding is made of elastomer. Widths are 234 and 250 mm.

The various rails
SMP uses rails carbon fiber or stainless steel tube. Rails carbon lighter than stainless steel, but also to obtain a greater flexibility and elasticity of the composite material. It thus offers a greater comfort for the cyclist sits.

Choice stool Guide: pants size!
For Italians engineers SMP, the factor most influencing the choice of the saddle is the muscle-bone conformation of the pelvis bone and the corresponding musculature which, like any other physical characteristic, is unique and specific to each individual.
The Ischium is the pelvic bone which, with the ileum and the pubis is the pelvic bone. The postero-inferior part of the iliac bone is characterized by an ischial tuberosity which, with the upper part of the ischium, made of board for the support body in the sitting position.
Anthropometric studies have determined the basin width classes. For SMP, in 75% of cases, the size of pants (thus the width of the basin) is related to the extent of the ischial tuberosity interaxis.