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Sram evolves towards simplicity

Road cycling is changing, taking on new directions that go beyond the classic asphalt gravel and dirt road, cyclocross, disc brakes on the home straight for approval. This is to come more and more to meet the needs of practitioners, whether they are driven by the desire to compete or simply to keep in shape. The bicycles privilege lightness and simplicity, compared to redundancy and complexity.
The new transmission systems 1x: 1 Force and Rival 1

SRAM is moving in this direction, with new transmission systems 1x: 1 Force and Rival 1. Already known in the segments mountainbike and cyclocross, these models now embrace the world of road racer and Triathlon. The single front chainring helps streamline the exchange rate and the weight and user comfort, for those sitting on the bike occasionally to fitness. When properly combined cassette sprockets in wide range, the system single transmission allows to push ratios comparable to those of the double crown.
SRAM provides the complete groups of related derailleur, chain and levers

To suit all needs, anterior crowns are available in sizes ranging from 38 to 54, while the rear sprocket we can choose between 10-42, 11-36, 11-32, and 11-30 . The various combinations allow you to compete on the most varied, consisting of steep climbs or descents very technical. SRAM provides the complete groups of related derailleur, chain and levers.

The new derailleurs inherit the technologies of the segment mtb and adapted to the specificities of the road (with the addition of a further controller for managing the chain): geometric shape that limits each elongated horizontal movement and gives stability to the pedal bearing, which avoids rebounds chain, the possibility of pushing the cage forward and create the game need for fast wheel change and assembly chain, maintaining the exact voltage shift cable.
You can match the groups Sram 1x the new hydraulic brake Sram HydroR, which allows for better modulation braking with less hand force.
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