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New 11-speed Shimano Deore XT M8000

The new Shimano Deore Xt M8000 offers 11 speeds and features borrowed from the component family level XTR, elevating the performance of runners in both optical enduro as cross country, which are trails or race tracks.
Thanks to technology Shimano Dyna-Sys 11 encourages riders to test themselves on any terrain while maintaining a highly efficient and profitable ride. Designed to be used both in Xc, Enduro and Trail, Dyna-Sys 11 allows durable performance through the use of sophisticated materials and increased stability of the transmission by using new design of the front derailleur and crowns.
As the group of components XTR, the new Deore XT M8000 offers different transmission solutions: 1×11, 2×11, 3×11 able to meet any driving style or terrain roughness.
It also ensures a smooth transition between one gear and the other, which has a transmission 1×11, 2×11 or 3×11, providing significant energy savings of the riders and helping them to maintain a steady pace of pedaling on any trail.
New episodes 2×11 and 3×11 M8000 expand the range of options while maintaining the same pace of progression between the sprockets coupled with a cassette 11-40T inspired Xtr (CS-M8000) for optimal control of the cadence.
An exciting addition to the family of components Deore Xt M8000 is a new cassette 11-42T (CS-M8000) for a specific transmission 1×11 so as to be as the widest range of cassettes that Shimano has ever produced.
In combination with a chain 11-speed HG-X11, designed with asymmetrical plates and a surface treatment in Sil-Tec, the Deore Xt M8000 ensures superior operating performance.
Crankset Deore Xt: ready for any terrain
The crank Deore Xt M8000 presents a profile of the teeth can marry the 11 speed so as to get anywhere. Whatever option you choose, the new crowns carbon structures with metal composite ensure long life to the packet transmission optimizing chain management.
The option True Trail 2×11 offers a combination of reports 34-24T, 36-26T or 38-28T for increased driving efficiency which is accompanied by a bold 3×11 can offer the right gear Low and the widest range of reports ever produced.
The new XT cranks are also available with a new larger platform for hubs with Old 148.
Reduced chance of chain drop
The profile of the teeth of the crank XTR 1×11 and new Deore XT crankset combines the use of steel in a special design of hooked teeth for retention chain highly efficient especially on rough terrain. These enhancements increase the retention force of the chain up to 150%, extending its lifetime and drastically reducing the possibility of his fall.
BB lighter and more resistant
The new Deore XT crankset has an updated Hollowtech II bottom bracket Press Fit or threaded.
Using smaller and lighter bearings and a sealing system tested on groups of the family XTR and road, the new central movement reduces its weight and increases in resistance, improving the durability in contact with the mud: in short, less weight and significant increase of ‘efficiency of rotation.
Both the rear derailleur to the front of the M8000 series Deore Xt have undergone a complete makeover
The rear derailleur Deore Xt M8000 presents an optimization technology Shimano Shadow Rd + with a low angle and a revised profile that reduce the effort of improving the stability of the exchange chain resulting gearshifts accurate and silent. Similarly were revised pulleys that have a tooth profile higher for a better displacement of the chain.
The clutch technology is borrowed from the range XTR and presents a wide range of adjustment both in terms of stability of both stress of displacement. The rear derailleur Deore Xt M8000 is compatible with direct mount systems and transmissions 1×11 and 2×11 or 3×11 GS SGS.
Introduced for the family of components XTR M9000, the front derailleur Deore Xt Side Swing is designed with you in mind long hikes on trails. Both derailleurs series M8000 offer a drastic reduction of the effort in the changed with an efficient routing of the cables and a greater stability of the transmission system as a whole. There are also options to high band, low band, D-type and E-type.
Deore XT levers: 20% reduction effort changed
Constituting part of the new tactile component group Shimano Deore Xt M8000, the levers have a vital role in the aesthetic and ergonomic. The new design of the levers provides a reduction of 20% of the effort applied to the changed: reduction critical to the strength of the runner on long distance and to create an improved interface between the rider himself and his bicycle. The release mechanism 2-WAY offers an option exchange secondary, while better indexing is a guarantee of great precision. Two specifications are available, I-Specii for the new XT and XTR and I-Spec Type B for brake levers older or lower range.
Braking system further improved
The Deore XT hydraulic disc brakes are the benchmark in the industry for high performance at affordable prices. Consistent predictable and powerful, the new braking system Series Deore Xt M8000 maintains this standard while adopting an integrated master cylinder cleaner, more durable and lightweight. This solution allows for a cleaner installation, saves weight and free up valuable space on the handlebar. The Servo Wave levers provide a better feel to the touch ensuring high braking power at the expense of a slight pull the brake. As with the previous models, the brakes DEORE XT allow to adjust the distance of the lever without the use of tools and adjustment of the idle stroke. The system can accommodate you rotors from 140 to 203 mm and allows you to choose between different types of brake pads.
Wheels Deore XT Race and Trail lighter and wider channel
The new wheels Deore XT Race and Deore XT Trail are built by hand, and are equipped with aluminum wheels tubeless-ready at 20:24 mm internal width respectively. Each circle has a wider channel to accommodate the modern mountain bike tires which corresponds to a saving of 40 grams compared to previous models. All groups of wheels use 28 spokes with differentiated thickness both front and rear.
Pedals Deore Xt: broad platform support redesigned
New pedals Shimano Deore XT Series PD-PD-M8020 and M8000 Race Trail exhibit the classic performance Spd that enhance the driving experience in the crucial connection between rider and bike. Equipped with an increase in amplitude of 2.8 mm (M8000) and 3.3 millimeters (M8020), a reduction in height of 0.5 millimeters and a larger contact area pedal-shoe, the pedaling efficiency is improved by 7.7% (M8000) and the 11.7% (M8020).
With greater stability and contact area than the previous generation, resulting both improved power transfer that control.
Overall, the new component group Shimano Deore XT 11-speed M8000 offers the performance characteristics associated with the Family Group Xtr M9000 with a value in use that will appeal to all cyclists, whether they voted to ‘enduro, cross country , paths or circuits.

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