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Cycling in Winter

In winter, your bicycle will need a special maintenance. To ensure a good handling and optimum performance, so be sure to perform a full review of your mount and some routine checks during that period. Think for example aquire mountain tires or studded tires, perfect for handling and to roll …

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5000LM CREE Headlamp

Characteristics: 90 ° adjustable and zoomable headlights Waterproof, but do not put water directly Extended life of Cree LED (100,000 hours) The design point of revolutionary technology Clear as a projector Internal wiring applies the high efficiency booster circuit; operating voltage is wide and can use the battery in the …

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Mavic cycling wear for winter

Mavic is noted not only as an excellent manufacturer of tires, wheels and pedals, but also for the continued research and development in the apparel industry dedicated, which allows it to churn out cutting edge products and competitive (with names “user friendly” recall those of the most famous wheels). The new …

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How to dress for cycling?

The shorts are imperative. We still see cyclists pedaling often wearing little shorts adapted. The choice of comfort is paramount. All too often, we hear practitioners accuse the saddle pain that a better choice would have avoided shorts. You should try cycling shorts. Sizes, like in all the garment industry, …

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Eurobike 2015 Trends

If Eurobike anticipates trends for the coming years, the bikes with pedal assistance are likely to gain market share more and more consistent. A prediction that seems to be confirmed also by the data of the European market, grew by 2.3% in 2014, year in which E-bikes have made a …

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Vittoria Corsa

The brand Victoria evolves its famous covers in cotton to a new level of performance: Corespun casing reinforced with Kevlar. The result? Vittoria Corsa is more durable and puncture resistant. The tread has four compounds for better speed, grip, puncture resistance and durability. The innovations of the new racing series? …

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